I was born in the Gardenless state. When I was a boy me and my brother were orphaned young, by a thieving drug addicted father and a mother who worked the streets as a lady of the night. To be honest, I'm not a hundred percent we're even related, me and Cleric. But soon enough it didn't matter, we were brothers and thats all that counts. Dad got in trouble for stealing what he though was dope, but really concentrated xecellum. He smoked it before he even got in the door, right in front of us. The last thing I remember is dad turning into a purple puddle, mom blowing away out te window, and cleric rubbing his eyes until they bleed, and didnt stop bleeding. With them gone, and me seeming to have no effect, I worked as a stick upn kid while my brother used his ability to see the future to be the ultimate look out. Fast forward a few years. He gets an offer, Cleric. A man says if he works for him, he'll keep us full and clean pressed for the rest of our lives. Cleric abided by his rules, letting him know when the hitmen were coming, where the opportune places to rob were, and when to do it. He got tired of it,, and decided to take enough to be done and forgotten. It didn't work, he was shot down in hour apartment in front of me. They almost got me too...if I hadn't jumped out of that window. I was lucky; the ledge was just close enough to jump to...wasn't it?