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Welcome to the Comic Vine Roleplay WikiEdit

This wiki's purpose is to catalogue, articalize, and provide general information for the admittedly tangled web of canon and alternative canon and non-canons and semi-canon and semi-medium-sort of-kinda-moderately canon used in the Comic Vine's role playing section. Here we will categorize characters, artefacts, teams, events, role plays, and such.

What this is not for is flaming, flaming will not be tolerated under *ANY* circumstances, nor will vandalization, libel, or generally being a jerk. This means no unconstructive criticism of a character, no insulting a person or his or her interests, no calling an event or role play stupid, no attacking other people's teams and so on.

Our default policy here will be "Ask before you add." You *must* have permission from the creator of whatever you're going to make an article for, failure to comply will result in warnings, then temporary, then permanent bans. In the case of the creator no longer being active on the comic vine, you may add their creations, but if they return and say they want their page taken down, we will take it down no matter how hard you've all worked on it.

Our policy on humour is that it is welcome as long as it does not get in the way of information. If you can write your jokes in without being mean to the subject in question and without getting in the way of informing people, go ahead, be as snarky as you can be!

Other stuffEdit

This is a wiki made for the purpose of making sense out of the often hard to follow nature of the Comic Vine's Role Playing section. Don't know what that is? Well then, what the hell are you doing here? And always remember, try to have fun here.

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